Asparagus / Green Beans

I hated asparagus growing up. Turns out that I can’t stand to smell it steaming, boiling or being microwaved. But this? This is DELICIOUS.

  • A bunch of asparagus OR about half a pound of fresh green beans. Or both.
  • Stuff to make it taste good- flavored olive oils, vinegars, spices, nuts, cheese

If you’re using green beans, cut both tips off.

Lay the asparagus / green beans flat on a baking sheet with a rim. One layer, but you can put as much as you want in the pan.

Here’s the fun part: put stuff on it. I have a dozen bottles of fancy flavored olive oils and vinegars that people have given me, and I often pick two random ones and sprinkle over this. Or you could use any kind of non-creamy salad dressing. Try some pine nuts, sunflower seeds or pistachios. Maybe a bit of shredded cheese (parmesan is great!). Think about what you like and be creative.

You can either broil them (keep a close eye on the pan!) or roast them in a 350 degree oven for ten or twelve minutes. When they look good (and before they burn!) take one out and taste it for how you like them done.

Seriously, even Mr. Otter, who hates vegetables, loves this stuff.

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